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Occupational therapy is unknown to many because it is a relatively young profession and due to its diversity it is difficult to explain it briefly and concisely. Occupational therapy is intended to support people in their ability to act, which allows to live as independently as possible. But what does this mean exactly?

Many are unfamiliar with the profession, both on the side of patients and on the side of healthcare professionals. As a result, a large potential remains unused. In situations where occupational therapy has been proven to help, it is not offered.

The film immerses you in the field of psychiatry. The selection of the specialty was evaluated together with the EVS (Swiss Association of Occupational Therapists) and by means of a survey in order to choose an area of application that was as current as possible and will continue to be important in the future.

42.6% of the people named psychiatry as the field less known to them.

Survey about occupational therapy, 2022.

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