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about us

We are three occupational therapy students in our last year of bachelor at the University of Applied Science Zürich (ZHAW)

Rebekka Bohni (director) has already worked on short films. The fascination and the talent for telling stories in pictures, as well as her open nature represent a resource for the project. Fabio Stecher, an up-and-coming director, will accompany her in her work. You can find out more about Fabio Stecher in the appendix.

Melanie Kym (Production) has already gained a lot of experience with team leadership, organization and unforeseen events as Maître de Cabine at the largest airline in Switzerland. As this is the first film production, Orisono, a Swiss film production company, will be supervising them.

Anja Lahusen (production) used to work as a teacher and helped organize various events. She has also completed the preliminary course at the School of Applied Arts and has shown great organizational talent as a full-time student of occupational therapy and in her role as a single mother. 


Anja, Melanie und Rebekka
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